Auroville Beach

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Auroville beach is one of the most spectacular beaches of Pondicherry, India. The beach is named after the town called Auroville which is just 12 kms from the beach in Pondicherry on east coast road. It is the most beautiful beach with sprawling shallow water makes it ideal for swimming. Early morning and the sundown are the best time to get attracted to the beauty of this fabulous place. Enjoy sunbathing, sitting under the shade and sipping the fresh coconut water at the beach side and make your trio more enjoyable for you. The beach welcomes many visitors on weekends and avail innumerable fun opportunities. Visitors can have the best time including enjoying the exquisite cuisines around the beach restaurants. Auroville travel and tourism offers the best experience of travelling to this wonderful place.

In the morning and evening you can enjoy the fresh breeze wafting from the sea forgetting all the worries of your daily working life. You can relish the beautiful sunset view from the Auroville beach. Because of its proximity to the town of Auroville you can expand you trip to this wonderful place too. Auroville beach tour packages will add on some more fun to your trip through providing the best facilities. There are various other places to visit around the Auroville beach. October to march offers the best climatic conditions to visit this place. You can get down to this wonderful place via rail and road network which is available with the best amenities for the beach. Enjoy the major tourist attractions at Auroville beach and bring back some great memories of your visit.