Bakkhali Beach

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The seaside resort called Bakkhali is situated in the district of South 24 Parganas, which falls under the province of the northeast Indian state of West Bengal. The beach resort stands among the deltaic islands, which are spread across the southern region of the state of West Bengal. At Bakkhali beach is a long stretched sandy beach with the scintillating waters under the roof of clouds along with the streaks of sunlight.

Most of the part of the island is covered with Sunderbans. This rustic beach destination, which goes by the name of Bakkhali, is situated at a distance of about 134 km from the hustle bustle of the state capital, Kolkata, stands as one of the favorite getaway among the discerning travelers. Breaking the monotony of the routine life the beach refreshes one’s soul and body.

The spot stands as the place where showers are unaffordable to miss. This petite beach resort in the south of the state capital, Kolkata is dressed in with the lush green as the clouds spread across the sky over the Bay of Bengal.

This tough beach makes it suitable for cycling and even driving. Here, one can take long walks and laze around in the sand having the pleasures of perfect holiday destination. From Bakkhali, there is an 8 km long beach which stretches and takes to Frasergunj with gently rolling waves.

You can reach here, at the spot from Kolkata to Namkhana via bus which is just at a distance of about 105 km, then through a boat cross the river of Hatania Doania and then another hour and a half bus journey to Bakkhali.

This is to inform that Bakkhali is also the name of a river in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh.