Bassein Beach

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Nestled in the city of Bassein itself, the Bassein Beach is which is around a drive of 50 to 60 km from the financial hub of India, Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. This wonderful beach is in fact one of the major beach destination on the tourist map of Maharashtra.

The beach is a gorgeous base of the fusion of natural magnificence with historical and sacred implication. The white sandy shores with crystal clear waters stretched till the horizon, under the sun beams playing hide and seek behind the swaying palms, water waves playing touch-and-go with the shores, whilst the cool breezes are found whispering the sweet nothings in the ears. With all this the beach renders an incredible and memorable experience and soothes the soul as the land of Bassein has one of the most untouched beaches, making its ambience flanked by serenity and tranquility.

The other excursions of the Bassein Beach are the Buddhist relics at Nalasopara, which is 10 km from Bassein. Vajreshwari Temple, Akloli hot springs, Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi Mandir at Ganeshpuri, Bhimeshwar Temple and these all the attractions are situated within the city of Bassein. There are several churches of Portuguese times as well in the city.

The nearest airport is at Mumbai, while the nearest railway station is at Bassein Road.