Gokarna Beaches

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Gokarna in Karnataka is one of the most sacred beaches in the Indian state of Karnataka. The beach actually locates in the district of Uttara Kannada, which stands in the coastal region of Karnataka. The beach is popular for its picturesque location, rock-strewn mountains and panoramic beaches. Along with the Gokarna beach, the coastline is flanked by the splendor of other beaches as well, which includes Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach and Paradise beach.

The long stretched golden sands of the beach when a blend with the scintillating water renders a melting moment with its incredible view. The long stretched seashore paves its tourist with long evening walks. The beach also offers the opportunity for the sports activities like sunbathing, swimming or just lying around.

Another most popular attraction of the beach is that it revivifies and refreshes with its heavenly ambience with the resonance of drums, hammocks and guitar in its background. The beach is accessible through road.