Kanyakumari Beach

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At the southernmost tip of India one can reach to the Kanyakumari Beach also known as Cape Comorin Beach. It is a breath-taking site as it stands as the juncture for the convergence of the three seas namely Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

It is a huge water body of waters of different colors surrounding with the esteemed pilgrim center on three sides. Along with its waters, the beach also possesses three different colors of sands, which renders its lap to the outreaching multi-colored oceanic waves.

 You may not find the golden sand to laze around while you sunbathe, but the beauty of colorful sands all over has their own aesthetic appeal. The alluring sunrises and enchanting sunsets of the place, especially on full moon days, are enough to cherish a person to live here forever.

This gorgeous beach renders an aesthetic feel sight with multi-colored sands, all across the beach. The beach is rock-strewn and is perilous, having a man-made wall alongside it. Undoubtedly, the sea proffers an incredible view of sunrise and sunset, especially on the full moon days with having its façade of the merging multi-colored waters however makes it a tough one as well with its huge steep water body. The waters of the seas are violent and waves splatter and hit furiously against the rocks.

Kanyakumari beach in the state of Tamil Nadu is a seashell collectors haven. The beach also possesses some great tourist attractions in the beach only such as Vivekananda Rock, a huge stone rising out of the sea, which is thought to be the seat of meditation of the great saint, Swami Vivekananda. The other attractions are Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue on the Rock, Kanyakumari Bhagavathy Amman Temple, where you can have a road-side shopping as well.