Konark Beach

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Konark beach is the serenest and the beautiful places of Orissa in India. Lying on the eastern coast of India, it is one of the finest beaches with the stunning sun temple standing on it. What best a human can have other than the pristine soulful beach with the serenity of pilgrim site. Konark beach will get all this and lot more to rejuvenate in the spur of emerald water and the golden sand of this picturesque beach. A large number of people visiting sun temple everyday also visits the beach and take the complete pleasure of their trip to Orissa. Avail Konark beach tour packages and enjoy the great splendor of the place.

The beach offers the vast expanse of golden beach which is with the calm atmosphere to relax from your daily hectic life. The site of beach is soothing and beautiful that you will tend to lose all your worries. The most important is that the beach is the perfect place to enjoy sunbath and a leisure walk at the beach side. Enjoying the natural breeze of wind and water at beach side is one of the fabulous experiences the place offers. Apart from that, there are various amazing places to visit around the Konark Beach such as the Ramchandi Temple which is 10 km away from the beach and is a must place to explore for all. Other than that, sun temple is another best place to make your trip more interesting in Orissa. Besides these, there are various other tourists attractions at Konark beach. Konark beach travel and tourism offers the best facilities for travelling to this mesmerizing place.