Kovalam Beach

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An internationally celebrated beach, Kovalam has its three flanking curved beaches, which are alienated with rock-strewn projection. It is one of the favorite coastal resorts among sightseers, especially Europeans, since the 1930s.

The beach is positioned on the Malabar Coast along the Kerala shoreline. This gorgeous and secluded beach is one of the prominent hangouts in the southern part of India. The beach is just 16 km from capital city Thiruvananthapuram, in South Kerala.

The literal meaning of Kovalam is a grove of coconut trees. The palm-fringed inlets of Kovalam in sheltered and bordered with the coconut trees making it apt for the title. The amazing view of the lined coconut and palms blended with a wide expanse of blue waters. The beach is truly a celestial place where nature reveals its mesmerizing and mystical effects.

It is a colossal rocky headland on the coastline, forming a gorgeous bay of serene waters ideal for sea bathing. The backdrop is incorporated with the fertile coconut palms, the beaches especially the extreme of the southern part of the lighthouse beach. 

Towards the south side of the beach there is this Vizhinzam mosque, a spectacular shrine that attracts many tourists and devotees. There is a middle beach, which is called as Hawah. This beach serves as a base for the fishermen. The beach that lies in the northern side of the beach is called Samudra, which has been least affected by the changing times. The beach is spotted with few essential wooden fishing vessels.

Kovalam is a natural inlet and this makes it an ideal place for kayaking, swimming, surfing and skiing. You can dive in the shallow blue waters of the beach and enjoy sunbathes in the terrific tropical sunlight.