Madh Island Beach

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Madh Island Beach is the most popular and favorite beach among the people of Mumbai, especially in the upper strata. The beach nestles in the northwest coast of Mumbai holding a peculiar rural backdrop and to the façade with some of its eye-popping galleries of exquisite bungalows dotting the beach. Apart from its picturesque locales and outstanding natural splendor, the beach is also well known for rave parties being frequently held, the parties that are thrown conspicuously by the crème de la crème of Mumbai.

Madh Island Beach covers a long stretch of sandy shore, which renders the visitors options like having long leisured walks, play around or just lie down and relax. Even a glimpse of the serene sands and the scintillating waters on the beach render a breathtaking view, relieving all the stress, giving a nice delight and enchantment. The peace and calm offered by it seems to take away all your tension and fill your mind with fresh energy. Generally, people from to the upper strata of the city come to these parties and shake a leg while having unbridled fun.

However, the current of the water is very much powerful and violent, as it is highly recommended to not to swim in the beach. Nevertheless, Madh Island beach serves as the perfect retreat, escaping from the clutches of commercialization, full of concrete and tensions. Pay a visit to the beach, no matter with whom-so-ever; you are going to love it. Besides the natural beauty of the beach, there is a fort called the Madh Fort, also acknowledged as the Versova Fort, which is situated in a close proximity to the beach.

The best time to visit the place is in the month of October till June; however, the beach is frequented by the visitors all across the year.