Majorda Beach

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Majorda Beach is a wide and open beach and is nestled in the southern part of Bogmola. Acknowledged as one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa, is a small stretch beach, which is stretched for about 5 Km from the north of Colva Beach, which falls along the Konkan coastline.

According the Hindu Mythology the western state in India, Goa has a strong influence of the past mythological events. It is believed that Majorda Beach stands to be the place where Lord Rama, during His childhood period, was kidnapped and brought to Majorda Beach. It is also said that, during the exile period in the life of Lord Ram, he visited the very place in search of his wife Goddess Sita. The actual location when Lord Ram stepped is Cabo de Rama, which is positioned in the south eastern part of Majorda Beach.

Majorda Beach is also famous for its bakeries and liquor. Along with it you can also enjoy the realm with its famous Goan seafood and other delicacies. This little developed beach stands as the major tourist attraction and also offers accommodation for the stay of the tourists.

This quiet and beautiful beach destination in the district of South Goa is located just at a distance of about 18 km from Dabolim airport. Also, Margao Beach is located near this beach and it also has good network of roadways, therefore it can be reached easily via road.