Mypad Beach

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Mypad Beach is nestled on a beautiful coastline with the long stretches of the lush green foliage, which borders it. The crystal clear emerald waters of the beach compel the visitor to dive deep into it. Along with that the pristine white sands attracts to relax and lie around by sprawling over the shimmering sands makes you feel like heavenly lifestyle with those glowing sands.

The long stretched greenery brings liveliness and freshness to the scene alluring its visitors to visit the place over and over again. This rejuvenating beach is positioned at a distance of about 25 km from the district of Nellore.

Most of the foliage consists of the Lush green coconut groves rendering the place an emerald outlook and also reflect to the waters giving it the look as if the waters are also emerald in color. Every component of the beach contributes its best and together making it all charming, appealing, alluring and mystifying.

Along with evening getaways, the beach also provides opportunity for making a great night out, here in the magnificent place. On you visit to this beach you just don’t need to worry about your stay as in its close proximity itself there are accommodations available such as lodge, individual cottages, a restaurant and other amenities.

The Trip to Mypad Beach also provides its visitors to experience and enjoy facial massage, which is offered by local people. The beach also holds some eating joints with some stalls that are infringed in a series selling seafood and some local snacks of the area.