Paradise Beach

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Pondicherry holds some of the most has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that magnetize the tourists and indulge them in a habit of visiting these again and again. The beach is enveloped with natural beauty, serenity and privacy. Plage Paradiso, also known as Paradise Beach in Pondicherry is positioned at Chunnambar which is 8 kilometers away from the main city, along the Cuddalore main road.

The beach is unsurpassed, glittering, white sanded, crescent shaped beach and is enclosed with a bay of deep blue waters, is a perfect spot to swim, to wade in the shallows, to have sun bathe in the sea and water sports. Sunbathing is the tempting activity on these sun-kissed sands.

The tourism department has provided the facilities of some basic water sports on the beach hat too with very reasonable prices. The best part of this undiscovered beach is that it is an un-crowded one, reflecting its splendor and serenity. Far away from the busy and jam-packed streets and disturbing noises, Diu beaches pave the way to relax and have recreational activities. A dive in the waters of this virgin beach is most refreshing one. The other beaches are Serenity beach in Pondicherry, Karaikal Beach in Pondicherry and Mahe beach in Pondicherry.

This Pondicherry beach reminds of a Hawaiian beach with palm groves and golden sands. Just have a day strolling along the coastline, playing volleyball, fishing or just relaxing under an umbrella. Visit the beach and have an affluence of witnessing the breathtaking sunrise.