Serenity Beach

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Serenity is one of the most amazing and the fun filled beaches of Pondicherry, India, available with the most pleasant atmosphere and incredible fun options. The beach lies on East Coast Expressway on the way to Chennai. It is available with the beautifully sprawling sand and fresh air. Another major aspect which makes serenity beach interesting is its pristine turquoise clean water along with stretch backs available on the silvery sand to soak up the sun. You can relax and get rejuvenated at the place along with having great fun at the beach. It is the peaceful place, free from local irritants. You can some of the best time of your life at the serenity beach in Pondicherry. To have this much and more fun at the beach avail serenity beach tour packages now on affordable prices.

The beach looks very beautiful at the time of sunset. If you can make a trip at this hour, you will surely love the place. The beach looks awesome and is one of the peaceful places to visit especially by the metropolitan tourists. Enjoy walking around the beach and the fresh breeze wafting from the sea. The beach is ideal for a quiet stroll; you can even head to a nearby café and have the delight of some local cuisine. You can spend the whole day on Serenity Beach simply gazing at the water tides as it crashes on the shore and goes back. Serenity beach travel and tourism will let you explore the place at its best. Apart from that, there are various other interesting places to visit at Serenity Beach.