Ullal Beach

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Ullal beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in the Indian state of Karnataka. The beach is known for its tidiness, shimmering golden sand with the sun beams glazing on the sands. The beach i8s located on the banks of the River Nethravathi and is sprawled over an area of 14 acres with infringed casuarinas groves. This makes the place a perfect tourist destination and a weekend getaway for the people living in vicinity.

The beach is positioned just at a drive of 5 km from one of the major cities of the state of Karnataka, Mangalore and claims to be one of the best beaches of Karnataka. Ullal beach actually stand in the outskirts of Mangalore. The beach faces Arabian Sea and renders an incredible view, making up as a delightful treat for its sightseers.

Among the main attractions of the beach are Somanatheshwara Temple and St. Sebastian Church, which attracts lot of visitors including beachcombers as well as the religious persons. The beach is very much accessible and also provides loads of water sports, attracting the adventure lovers in abundance from all across the world.

Ullal beach stands as one of the most splendid beaches in Karnataka and is stretched up 320 km long shore.